Geriatrics Interest Group

As the American population ages, more and more medical specialties are coming into increasing contact with the elderly population and facing challenges that are unique to this group.  The Geriatric Interest Group’s goal is to learn about the care of geriatric patients across a variety of specialties.  We invite speakers, both from the Geriatric Faculty and outside specialties, to discuss issues pertinent to Geriatric Medicine.  Meetings are informal and usually held over lunch or dinner.  They provide a great opportunity for medical students to interact with faculty in a small group setting.

We cover a wide range of topics each year, from distinguishing delirium and dementia to the basics of holding a family meeting.  Whether you’re interested in Geriatrics as a specialty or simply interested in learning more about the topic, we welcome all students to our meetings!


2017-2018 Group Leaders:

  • President: Mike Kaplan
  • Vice Presidents: Ju Young Kim, Jennifer Tu, Julia Bellantoni
  • Treasurer: Allen Wang

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