Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group (CTIG)

CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY: CT surgery is a sub-specialty of General Surgery that is geared toward providing surgical solutions to pathology within the chest and thoracic cavity. As practiced today, “Thoracic Surgery” is further divided into: General Thoracic Surgery (Mostly Lungs and Esophagus), Adult Cardiac Surgery and Congenital Cardiac Surgery.


MISSION OF THE CT-SURGERY INTEREST GROUP: The Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group serves to promote career exploration and development for medical students who are interested in Cardiothoracic Surgery. The group aims to provide opportunities for academic and practical exposure in the field. Additionally, we strive to help students build connections in the field through opportunities for interaction with current Cardiothoracic surgeons and fellows.


MEMBERSHIP: The organization is made up of medical students who are either considering careers in Cardiothoracic Surgery or who are just interested in learning more about the field.


2015-2016 EVENTS: The CTIG was started in the fall of 2012. We have received incredible support from the Duke Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery and the following events are planned for the current academic calendar:

August 26, 2015 — Basic Surgical Skills Workshop

September 2015 — Introduction to Cardiothoracic Surgery/ 1st General Meeting

September 2015 through June 2016 (Ongoing) – “Transplantation Procurement Program” – Students have the opportunity to travel with the heart and lung organ transplantation team to the site of acquisition and aid in the procurement procedure. Students will gain hands-on experience with techniques such as suturing, knot tying, cannulation, sternotomy, organ procurement techniques, and pre- and post-transplant work up. Additionally, upon returning to Duke the student will have the option to observe the transplantation procedure and follow up patients post-operatively if they wish do so.

December 2015 — Surgical Skills Workshop

February 2016 – “Stay in Circulation” — health screening volunteer opportunity with the Duke Heart Center

March 2016 – “Student-Mentor Research Day” – We will hold our 3nd Annual Research Symposium with faculty and fellows from the Cardiothoracic Department. This is a great avenue for students to learn about potential 3rd year projects. Look out for an email in the near future for more information.


LEADERSHIP (2015/2016)

Chair: Sade M Bell (MS3+)

Leadership applications will be accepted in the early Spring semester; however, all members are welcome to volunteer to help with programming.