Neurosurgery Interest Group


NSIG fosters medical student interests in Neurosurgery by providing opportunities for students to interact with faculty members and explore career opportunities. Our primary activities include monthly dinner seminars and a formal mentorship program. Dr. Carrie Muh of the Duke Neurosurgery Department serves as the NSIG faculty advisor. To sign up for our mentorship program, please sign up for our mailing list and contact one of the officers regarding finding an appropriate mentor. Other experiences offered through NSIG include conferences, preceptorships, and research opportunities.

NSIG events at Duke include dinner seminars and skills workshops each month. The dinner seminar provide a small group setting for students to interact with faculty members about their clinical practice or research, as well as to inquire about potential career paths in the field. To suggest a speaker for one of our lunch/dinner seminars, feel free to email one of the group officers.



President: Rasheedat Zakare-Fagbamila (

Vice-President: Bobby Gramer (

Secretary: Jared Gloria (

Financial Officer: Stephanie Lim (


Upcoming Events Fall 2017

Women in Neurosurgery mixer

Neuro Exam Review

Faculty Dinners

ACES Mentorship Meeting




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