Business and Policy in Medicine (BPM)

Mission Statement:  

The focus of this group is to explore the relationship between business, modern policy, and medicine. Our intent is to provide resources to students interested in the business aspects of healthcare by planning networking events with current MD/MBA students, exposing members to various business professionals in healthcare, and ultimately, equipping our members with the skills necessary to excel in our changing health system.


          We have a number of goals that we would like to accomplish this year. We plan to give a basic background of business in medicine through a variety of media, provide resources for students who want to incorporate business into their medical studies, and acquire knowledge of health policy and its impact on modern medicine. All the while, we will be laying the groundwork for stimulating conversation during MBA/Residency interviews, and becoming more well-rounded professionals in healthcare.

Pathway to Success: 

          This is a new student group, and we intend to preserve our novelty through constant adaption of our goals. Member input is the single, most important driving force behind achieving what we want to accomplish. We look forward to an exciting year filled with learning from professionals, learning from each other, and most importantly, learning about a common passion– Business and Policy in Medicine!

Joshua D’Arcy President

Leonid Aksenov Vice President

Matthew Gold Vice President