The Club at Duke Med / Lifetime Sports


The DukeMed Lifetime Sports Club (also known as The Club at DukeMed) promotes healthy activities and hobbies that can be continued for life. The Club will focus on the sports of golf, tennis, and racquetball, but will expand to other equally low-impact sports based on membership interest. While intramurals exist for some sports, lifetime sports are rarely represented, especially at the graduate school level. More importantly, the goal is not to participate in one particular activity already mastered (which is often the case in intramurals) and then be obligated to attend practices, but rather, the goal is to try, to learn, and to enjoy several of these lifetime sports. The Club will foster inclusion for all levels of athletic ability, allowing students to cultivate hobbies as outlets to their stressful lives while promoting interclass engagement.
Many students have told their peers, “I wish I knew how to (golf, play tennis, etc) but it’s so hard to just pick it up!” or “I would do these things but it’s hard to find someone who wants to go play and it needs more than one person!” The Club connects peers with each other who want to engage in these activities, and all in a low pressure environment. We want DukeMed students to have access to unlimited networking opportunities in the future and not be limited by lack of exposure or opportunity.

Upcoming Events
General Interest Meeting – Early September
Basic Golf Technique at the Washington Duke Driving Range – Mid September
Round Robbin Tennis Tournament – October
Racquetball “Ladder-Style” League – Ongoing
Spring Golf Fundraiser at the Washington Duke Inn – TBA

Kelly Murphy (Co-President/Community Outreach Chair)
Ashwin Peres-da-Silva (Co-President/Fundraising Chair)
Zack Holcomb (Secretary/Community Outreach Chair)
Ben Murray (Treasurer/Fundraising Chair)