Music & Memory

Background and History

Eno Pointe Assisted Living is located in North Durham and has approximately 74 residents with memory impairment.  Our Music & Memory project assists these members of the Durham community who have lost so much of themselves already, only waiting for a treatment alternative to regain some sense of self.  We personally interact with the patients to understand their music preferences, purchase music devices, program such devices with their personalized music library, and subsequently teach the patients how to use their music devices.  We also conduct follow-up visits to ensure functionality and review improvement gains, while collaborating with the Eno Pointe staff to ensure compliance and sustainability.

Video about music and memory:



We will serve the residents who need help to be themselves again, and who want to stimulate their brains to delay the decline of their memories.

Additionally, we celebrate the interdisciplinary nature of medicine, where we seek to treat the whole person, often requiring elements of science and art.


Current Members

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Heidi White (Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Geriatrics)

Site Supervisor: Doris Coleman (Executive Director Eno Pointe Assisted Living)

Student Leadership:

Kelly Murphy

Daniel Goltz

Emma Fixsen (

Winston Liu (


Visiting Hours

Monday – Sunday 9am-11am; 1-4pm


How to Get Involved!

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