Student Faculty Show 2017

SFS 2016 GunnerGames Poster
This year’s show, The Gunner Games, is a parody of the well known story “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. It also features parodies of popular songs from the Spice Girls to Disney’s Frozen. In the annual Gunner Games, a group of newly minted MS2s find themselves forced to compete in a series of challenges set up by the hospital administration. The MS2 tributes are trained by the clinical department they are championing, and then set out to complete the challenges for the ultimate prize of a year’s worth of free noon conference lunch for that department. These challenges comically illustrate both the frustrations and rewarding experiences each rotation has to offer. As you might expect, the students take different approaches to the tasks. Some play by the rules and others… don’t. Do the gunners really come out on top? Find out, March 11th, 2017!

This year, the student body has chosen to support Camp Kesem NC with the proceeds from the show. Camp Kesem serves children through and beyond a parent’s cancer by organizing fundraisers, hosting camp reunions, sending birthday cards and holiday gifts, and finally planning and hosting a completely free week-long camp in the summer. We are very excited to work with them!