Duke Med Interfaith

Mission Statement

To provide a forum for inter-religious dialogue among members, as well as to promote mutual understanding of diverse faith traditions through social events, lecture series, and service in the Duke and Durham community.

Past Events

Diwali 2016

Saturday, October 29

A group of us gathered at a classmate’s apartment and chatted about Diwali while eating traditional sweets and snacks. Afterwards, we headed over to Penn Pavilion to take part in the annual on-campus Diwali celebration.

At the on campus Diwali celebration

At the on campus Diwali celebration

Enjoying traditional snacks!

Enjoying traditional snacks!


Celebrating Diwali!

Winter Holiday Party 2016

Saturday December 10 at 8pm at Belmont Lounge

We celebrated the holiday season by decorating holiday cookies and sharing our favorite holiday memories and traditions.


Around the Belmont Christmas tree


Decorating cookies!

Spirituality in Medicine

March 23, 2017 1pm in TSCHE Classroom 3

We hosted a panel with members of Duke Hospital Pastoral Services, including Chaplains Michael Gross, Biju Chacko, and Azleena Azhar, who spoke to us about talking to patients and families about spirituality, religion, and faith, and how this shapes the healthcare world.


Duke University Hospital Chaplains



Passover Seder

April 12, 2017 at 7:30pm

 Seder is a time honored Jewish custom of feasting, drinking wine, storytelling, singing, and reflection on life and spirituality to mark the beginning of Passover.  Usually Seder is a family-centered tradition, passed down through the years, connecting multiple generations in Jewish faith and history.  It can also be a community event, bringing together people of all different creeds to celebrate the universal belief that freedom and justice are divine human rights.  Regardless of one’s religious background, Seder is a time to come together to recognize past and present struggles for liberation, and contemplate what we can do in the coming year to further and build upon these efforts.
We invited Duke Medical students to share in an interfaith passover meal. We discussed the history and significance of Passover and enjoyed traditional food and drink!

Passover Seder


Seder leaders!

Easter Egg Hunt

April 14, 2017, 12-1pm at TSCHE

After a brief session on the significance and history of Easter, we hid 100 easter eggs around TSCHE filled with candy and historical facts about Easter! Medical students, faculty, residents, and others found the eggs all around the building.

Volunteering at Ronald McDonald House

April 21, 2017

Duke Med Interfaith teamed up with the Duke Christian Medical and Dental Association to cook a meal for residents at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham.


RMH volunteers

Interfaith Iftar

June 14, 2017 at 7:30pm

Iftar is the traditional meal Muslims eat to break their fasts during the month of Ramadan. We held an interfaith iftar to share these traditions with the Duke Med community. We discussed the history and significance of Ramadan and discussed cultural traditions as well! Then we broke our fasts with traditional Mediterranean food.


Enjoying Dinner



Persian New Year

June 18, 2017 at 8pm

We celebrated the Persian New Year, also known as Nowruz with fellow medical students. After discussing the history and traditions of this holiday, we enjoyed home-cooked traditional Persian foods.





President: Safa Kaleem (safa.kaleem@duke.edu)

Vice Presidents: Vinay Giri (vinay.giri@duke.edu), Kirin Khan (kirin.khan@duke.edu)

Treasurer: Caitlin Marks (caitlin.marks@duke.edu)

Committee members: Morgan Simons (morgan.simons@duke.edu), MengMeng Xu (mengmeng.xu@duke.edu)