Medical Students for Choice


Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) is a national organization comprised of medical students, residents, and physicians. The organization strives to highlight the importance of reproductive health and abortion care, as well as provide opportunities for proper medical student training in abortion practices. As members of Duke’s MSFC Chapter, we work closely with the Family Planning Department and MSFC Headquarters to plan and promote hands-on workshops, speakers events, and advocacy events. The organization also provides opportunities to attend the annual Family Planning Conference and apply for externships. Join the listserv or email any MSFC member to find out more!



January 2017:

– Panel on the current state of reproductive rights in NC

February 2017:

– Hands-on manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) workshop

Future projects/events:

– Additional interactive workshops, such as IUD Insertion and no-scalpel vasectomy

– Educational sessions about reproductive rights and abortion laws across the country

– Status of ongoing lawsuit over NC 72-hour ‘waiting period’

– Tips for how to counsel patients on the topic of abortion

– Discussion of the role of faith in abortion decision-making

– Advocacy events (i.e. collaboration with Triangle for Choice in Raleigh)

– Partnerships with Planned Parenthood, HEY Durham, and the Pediatrics Department/Interest Group



Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Elizabeth Deans, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Beverly Gray, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Student Leaders:

Maddy Caplan, MS1 (

Elizabeth Howell, MS1 (

Kirin Khan, MS1 (

Amanda Lucier, MS1 (

Rebecca Vernon, MS1 (

Hanna Kemeny, MS3 (

Michelle Tang, MS3 (

Abby Fulp, MS4 (



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