Careers in Internal Medicine Interest Group

About CIMIGro: The Careers in Internal Medicine Interest Group (CIMIGro) is a student-run Duke University School of Medicine organization whose purpose is to orient medical students to Internal Medicine and its many sub-specialties. We hold didactic, advisory, and social events for medical students throughout the year and invite faculty members to share their experience and expertise.

Regular Events: Students from all years are welcome at our various events and are encouraged to attend based on whatever topics particularly pique their interests.

How to Succeed on the Wards: This session is held in collaboration with the Pediatrics Interest Group during CSI for the rising MSIIs. We recruit a group of residents from both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics to come during the lunch hour (with lunch provided) and hold a panel discussion and open Q&A about how students can be most engaged, helpful to the team, and learn the most when on the IM and Peds clerkships.

What is Internal Medicine?: An introductory, informational session specifically for MSIs. Our Medicine clerkship director and residency program director talk about the field of internal medicine and the opportunities within it, with a particular focus on information for new medical students who are unfamiliar with the field. There is also extended Q&A time.

Annual Kick-Off Dinner: We hold an annual “Kick-Off Dinner” each year, traditionally at Tyler’s Taproom or the Residency Program Director’s house, attended by medical students along with Internal Medicine faculty, fellows, and residents from all sub-specialties. This event provides students a unique opportunity to meet members of the Internal Medicine community at Duke (including program directors!), learn about their chosen fields, and ask questions in an informal and relaxed setting.

Annual Careers Panel Dinner: We hold an annual Careers Panel Dinner with faculty members representing the many career paths possible as an Internal Medicine doctor. Physicians discuss their fields and personal lives in medicine. This allows students to hear about all the sub-specialties in medicine and ask questions.

Journal Club: We hold a triannual journal club meeting. Events will bring in faculty from the Internal Medicine department to briefly discuss their career in medicine, then go on to present a paper in their field of research along with a student volunteer. Events will be open to all faculty, residents, and students (and with the help of faculty advisors people from all categories will be expected to attend). Each one of three meetings per year will focus on a different “track” of research: clinical, translational, and basic science. It is our hope these events provide insight into the research/specialty side of internal medicine that is not readily available on the general medicine clerkship.


2017-2018 Co-Chairs: Joshua Rivenbark, MSTP (; Jessie Narloch, MSIV (, Neha Kayastha, MSIV (; Nathaniel Harris, MSIV (; Aman Kansal, MSIII (; Tiffany Dong, MSIII (