Student Faculty Show 2012

“Back to the Suture”

On May 4, 2012, the Duke University School of Medicine held its annual Student-Faculty Show entitled “Back to the Suture” in Reynolds Auditorium at 8:00pm (doors open 7:30pm). Our annual entirely student-run show offers a comedic view at the experiences of a medical student at Duke.

This year we have selected the Fremont People’s Clinic. For more than twenty years, the Fremont People’s Clinic has been providing much-needed medical care free of charge in an extremely under-served area that has no full-time practicing physicians. The clinic is run as a partnership between Fremont community members, the Goshen Medical Center, and the NC Student Rural Health Coalition, and it provides primary care and health education to residents of a town where many would not otherwise have access to medical care, while also creating a learning opportunity for medical students. Funds raised by the show will help sustain the clinic, make repairs on the historic clinic building, and provide much needed medical supplies.

DVDS of the show are now available! Preorders can be picked up from Penny Triplett’s office in the Vice Dean’s Suite, 4th floor, Davison Building. A limited number of DVDs are available for those who did not preorder. Select a delivery option and click the Pay Now button to continue your order. You may also place your order in person for $15 by visiting Penny Triplett’s office.


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