DukeMed students have organized dozens of student groups that serve academic, social, cultural and service-oriented missions. The groups are entirely student run and are funded each semester by the Davison Council’s budget committee.

The following searchable table is an alphabetical list of the groups run by medical students. Click on the group’s name to learn more about them!

Group Name
Advocates for MD/PhD Women in Science
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
American Medical Association
American Medical Student Association
American Medical Women's Association
American Physician Scientists Association
Anesthesiology Interest Group
Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association
Association of Women Surgeons
Book Club
Business and Policy in Medicine
Careers in Internal Medicine Interest Group (CIMIGro)
Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group
Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA)
Collegiate Athletes in Medicine
Community Health Interest Group
Dermatology Interest Group
Duke NUS Community Service
Duke Med Engage
Duke Med Elementary / Teaching and Mentoring Interest Group (TMIG)
Duke Med Hip Hop
Duke Med Interfaith
DukeMed Lifetime Sports Club
Duke Med Orchestra
DukeMed Voices
Duke Science Review
DUSOM Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity Group
Emergency Medicine Interest Group
ENT Interest Group
Environmental Health Interest Group
Family Medicine Interest Group
Fremont Rural Health Clinic
Gay-Straight Alliance
General Surgery Interest Group
Genesis Home Health
Geriatrics Interest Group
Global Health Interest Group (GHIG)
HeyDurham! - High School Health and Sexual Education
History of Medicine Interest Group
IHI Open School
Integrative Medicine Interest Group
Latter-Day Saints Medical Students
LMSA - Latino Medical Student Association
Major Groove
MD/MBA Interest Group
Medical Chinese for Medical Students
Medical Engineering Interest Group
Med-Peds Interest Group
Medical Students for Choice
Music and Memory
Neurosurgery Interest Group
OB/Gyn Interest Group
Oncology Student Interest Group
Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG)
Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group
Pediatric Interest Group
Peer Support Group
Photoreceptors: DukeMed Photography Group
Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group
Pre-Medical Advising Alliance
Physical Diagnosis Interest Group (PDxIG)
Primary Care Progress
Psychiatry Interest Group
Public Policy Interest Group
Refugee Health Initiative
Radiology Interest Group
Root Causes
Student Interest Group in Neurology/Neurosurgery
Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
Student Wine Interest Group
The Medical Spanish Elective
Understanding Healthcare Costs
Veterans and Healthcare Professions Interest Group
Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group
Urology Student Interest Group