The Davison Council service committee, lead by the VP of Service, promotes service opportunities in the medical school, at Duke, and in the Durham community.  In addition, the service committee provides student organizations with financial support for ongoing service events.  Twice a year, the service committee organizes Duke in Durham Day, a day for graduate students across Duke to perform several hours of service at multiple sites.


Duke in Durham Day

In the 2014-2015 academic year, 224 people volunteered through Duke in Durham Day to provide a total of 672 volunteer hours to the Duke / Durham community.

12 organizations in the Fall and 13 organizations in the spring benefitted from these volunteer hours with many organizations participating in both semesters. Organizations that benefitted from Duke in Durham Day during the 2015-2016 academic year include (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Diaper Bank of NC
  2. Duke Remedy
  3. DukeMed Elementary
  4. Durham County Youth Home
  5. Durham Crisis Response Center
  6. Durham Rescue Mission
  7. Food Bank of NC
  8. Genesis Home
  9. Habitat for Humanity Construction
  10. Habitat ReStore
  11. Ronald McDonald House
  12. ReSpectacle
  13. Sandy Creek Park Renovation
  14. Secu House
  15. TROSA
  16. Urban Ministries of Durham


Winter Formal Fundraiser

Each Year Duke Medical Students and faculty raise money to support organizations such as adopt-a-family and toys for tots to provide toys to children during the holiday season

Ongoing Service Opportunities: For updated information on these groups. Visit their individual DC websites at –> student resources/wiki tab at the top.


  1. Urban Ministries of Durham volunteer opportunities planned each month by Davison Council Service Committee. Examples of recent events include: brown bag lunches, gleaning sweet potatoes, clothing closet and food pantry organization, winter clothing drive, and children’s valentine card donations.
  2. DukeMed Engage
  3. MedMentors – at Durham County Youth Home
  4. HotSpotting Initiative
  5. Music and Memory
  6. Parent Health Education Academy
  7. DukeMed Elementary
  8. Hey Durham! – Health and Sexual education to high school students
  9. AMA Service
  10. AMWA (American Medical Women’s Association) Service
  11. CMDA (Christian Medical Dental Association) Service
  12. SNMA (Student National Medical Association) Service
  13. LMSA (Latino Medical Student Association) service events
  14. Community Health Interest Group
  15. Fremont rural health clinic
  16. DukeRemedy – medical supplies to rural locations

More information about Community Service opportunities available at Duke can be found at the Duke Community Service Center.


Chancellor’s Service Fellowship

Duke medical students also have the unique opportunity to apply for the Chancellor’s Service Fellowship- a one-year interdisciplinary, mentored fellowship program focused on health-related community service and leadership development. The Fellowship program is designed to provide health services to underserved populations by facilitating opportunities for students to bring their project ideas to life through mentorship and funding. For more information visit the fellowship website here.

Amazing projects such as #2-6 above has started or expanded with the help of the Chancellor’s Service Fellowship started in 2012-2013 under the leadership of Chancellor Victor Dzau.


Have more questions?

2017-2018 Service Chair: Julia Salinaro

2016-2017 Service Chair: Hassan Alkazemi

2015-2016 Service Chair: Aladine Elsamadicy

2014-2015 Service Chair: Danielle Sobol