Technology at DukeMed

A large portion of the DukeMed curriculum revolves around the innovative use of technology in medical education. With virtual microscopy replacing traditional microscopes, and all course materials and exams available online, it’s important that we all have access to the same technology to access these resources.

Many small-group sessions during the first-year using technology to enhance the learning process. During the Molecules and Cells and the Normal Body courses, we learn microanatomy through the use of virtual microscopy. Instead of students having to look at their own slides while listening to the professor, faculty can instead point out microanatomical features while each student looks at the same slide on their own computers. In addition, the Brain and Behavior course typically includes a trip to the Duke Immersive Virtual Environment, a 6-sided virtual reality theater where we get a virtual reality tour of the human brain, and students in an optional Medical Spanish course use webcam teleconfrencing to practicing communicating with Spanish-speaking patients

BlueDocs is the Duke-developed Learning Management System that is now being used at a number of other medical schools. The system provides students 24/7 access to course calendars, lecture slides and streaming videos. In addition, students often use the system to submit assignments, and all exams during the first year occur through the BlueDocs system. The system is also used during the second year to log patient encounters.

The Medical Education IT office facilities the technology needs of medical students and teaching faculty. All first and second year medical students are charged a mandatory technology fee; this fee covers the cost of a laptop, pager, and other resources that are necessary during medical school. The school-supplied laptop is encrypted to comply with patient information confidentiality regulations (HIPAA etc) and includes licenses for a number of programs that are used throughout the first year. More information about the technology fee and laptop is provided to incoming students over the summer, and students receive their laptops during Orientation.